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Property Management – You get what you pay for!

They say: “You get what you pay for!”, and that couldn’t be any truer in property management.

What kind of service do you think you’ll receive when you hire a company that charges you $50/month in management fees? Did you know that you actually pay more than that? They always add fees to the rest of their services, especially when they send out vendors. We don’t.

Are they available after 5pm? During work hours, do they respond to your phone calls? Emails? Are they available to you on weekends? We are!

If you are an HOA board member, why would you elect to go with a company that manages hundreds of HOAs? Because of experience? Did you know that most of those large HOA management companies are understaffed and take days and even weeks to respond to owners and tenants? Why would you wait 2-4 weeks for a gate/pool card? At On Point, we not only beat the competitor’s prices, but we provide the level of service you deserve! Need a gate card? Pool card? Done! No more waiting weeks for a response. We respond with “same day” service and we save you money!

Need to hire a broker that can manage your commercial property? Why hire the “big name” companies? Do you really think they have your best interest in mind? Short story: We have been searching for a new, larger office and found the right location. We’ve been going back and forth for over 6 months with the listing/management agent and we have yet to receive a response from them. Meanwhile, the property sits vacant. We know that if the owner knew this, they would fire that agent on the spot. Don’t allow this to happen. Here at On Point, we make sure to find the right tenant and quickly. We respond to all applicants because we want ALL of your retail/office spaces rented. Stop waiting your time with these large companies that are overwhelmed and understaffed and hire On Point Real Estate & Management. With us, you get more than what you pay for!

Posted by: onpoint on February 27, 2016
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