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Read what one of our clients had to say about us…

Hi Johann,
Feel free to use this as you think fit. You can put it on Zillow, or if I need to do it let me know how and I’ll log on and do it.
Best wishes

I have used OnPoint Real Estate and Management to renovate my two properties in Atlanta over the course of the last eighteen months. I don’t live in the United States and on a recent visit to see the properties found that the work had been carried out to a high standard and I am very pleased with the results. I obviously wasn’t able to oversee the progress of the work, but found that Johann and his staff could be relied upon to carry out whatever was necessary without supervision.

When the service from the property rental management firm I was using became so bad that they sent an overdue rent notice to a tenant of mine who had died, having been the people who had informed me of her death in the first place, I decided that perhaps it was time to consider moving on. Just at this time Johann was in the early stages of setting up his property management side of OnPoint so I decided to support him by giving him my apartments to manage, and became his first client. They vetted potential tenants very carefully, the properties are now let, and everything is running smoothly. Whenever I phone them, either during or outside office hours, they either answer the phone, phone back or email very quickly, the very opposite of my previous company where the only person who would answer the phone was the business development manager; the property managers were virtually impossible to talk to. I have found that OnPoint deal with things needing attention very quickly and also liaise with the HOA for me on issues needing their attention.

I am totally confident that my properties are in safe hands, and am delighted to be able to recommend them to anybody…and no, they haven’t given me a discount on my management fees to write this…

Geoff Roland
+44 161 969 8225

Posted by: onpoint on August 1, 2015
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