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Special Drawing for our Tenants and Homeowners

Every once in a while, we have new clients that ask us to send them references and/or recommendation letters from our clients. We know how important your time is, and so we have made things interesting! Therefore, this week, we have decided that we are going to have a drawing where all of our homeowners and tenants will have a chance to enter by simply doing the following:

A. Writing a recommendation letter by email sent to:

B. Leaving a Review on our Facebook page:

C. Writing a short Review on our Twitter page:

D. Writing a short Review on our LinkedIn page:

E. Other – Any reviews left on Zillow,, and/or any rental listing where your property appears or appeared.

What’s at stake? Here’s what you can win:

1st Place Winner – $100 VISA
2nd Place Winner – $50 VISA
3rd Place Winner – $25 GIFT CARD (Starbucks or Target – Winner can chose)

Although we would like all of our reviews to be 5 stars, we know that every person has their criteria for critiquing, and therefore, we ask that you do so as realistic and truthful as possible. We are not in the business of lying to our clients or creating any false advertising. Please keep in mind that you may be contacted by one of our future clients, therefore, we ask that you provide either your phone number and/or email address when writing a recommendation email. Current Tenants and homeowners qualify for drawing.

For a Recommendation Email 5 ballots will be awarded. For a Facebook Review 4 ballots will be awarded (Leaving a comment on Facebook does not constitute a review. Facebook has an area where you can write a 1-5 star review. Please fill in this section). For a LinkedIn and/or Twitter review 2 ballots will be awarded for each. Rental site reviews will receive 1 ballot for each review (1 per rental site).

A maximum of 1 review in each category per person will be allowed. If you have any friends and family that would also like to provide a review, please provide us with their information to give you the proper ballot credit. Ballots will ONLY be in the names of those that are our clients (tenants and/or homeowners), therefore, any friends and/or family that write a review on your behalf will be helping you earn more ballots.

If you have already provided a review, please email us with the link or the place where you wrote the review to be properly compensated with a ballot(s).

*Company employees are NOT allowed to participate.

The first pick will receive the 3rd Place Award, the second pick will receive the 2nd Place Award, and the third pick will receive the 1st Place Award. The odds are based on the amount of entries we receive and the amount of reviews and recommendations received. Keep in mind that there is a chance that the same person can win more than one award, or all 3 awards, depending on the amount of ballots received.

All entry ballots will be placed in a sealed box, shaken, and selected by a company employee, without looking inside the ballot box. Every ballot name will be written on a small paper (all the same size), folded to hide the name and put into the box. NO PREFERENCE will be given to any client so that everyone has a fair chance at winning.

The ENTRY begins today, 8:00 AM EST, Monday, July 27th, 2015 and ends on Friday, July 31st, 2015 at 11:59pm EST. The winners of the Drawing will be announced to all on Sunday, August 2nd, 2015.

Please email us should you have any questions.

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